Andy Klaehn




Andy is frequently recorded as both a soloist and studio musician in various recording projects.

Top Pocket Jazz Quartet
(High energy Jazz band performing original music)

Me To We
(Fundraising Project for Free The Children)

Cindy Alexander
(Emerging Jazz and Pop singer)

Daniel Davies
(Singer, Composer, Performer and Studio Engineer)

Personal Projects

"The End of a Perfect Day" (2003)

[The End of a Perfect Day - CD Cover]
1. Funk It (Andy Klaehn, Paul Stouffer and Joel Stouffer)
2. Summertime (G. Gershwin, arr. A. Klaehn)
3. Sketches of You (P. Stouffer)
4. Pink Panther (H. Mancini, arr. A. Klaehn)
5. Bright Side (P. Stouffer, A. Klaehn)
6. From This Moment (S. Twain and R.J. Lang, arr. P. Stouffer)
7. Ode to Billy Joe (B. Gentry)
8. Europa (Carlos Santana, Tom Coster)

Audio icon 2. "Funk It" in Streaming RealAudio or as a RealAudio file.

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